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The ultimate success of any technology company relies on clearly articulating their value and obtaining buy-in from stakeholders. As an IoT company that works with different verticals, we understand that effective communication is an absolute must.

There are good reasons why communicating the value of technology solutions may pose a challenge. First, there is a need to listen and understand your client. A survey by LinkedIn found that 80% of buyers don’t believe that the salespeople they deal with understand their business. The communication challenge gets even more complicated because, on average, 6.8 people are involved in each B2B purchase decision, according to CEB. Not only are there more decision-makers
than ever before; they are also more diverse and engage with different content.

So how does a technology company overcome this challenge?

Take, for example, a problem that we at Eddy are trying to solve: risks of water damage in buildings. From insurers to property managers, everyone is aware that this is a significant issue. In fact, it has become so common that water is now the cause of 45% of all interior property damage. Yet the technology protecting from water leaks has not seen any meaningful advancements for decades.

Eddy challenged that status quo in 2015 with a suite of intelligent products and real-time data to protect buildings. Over the years, we listened, learned, built expertise and invested 30 million dollars in developing a set of agile solutions to tackle the threat of water damage in any building. Everyone at Eddy has become well versed in the problems we solve and how we do it exactly. Today, our clients vary from owners of single-family homes to insurance companies to large commercial building operators.

To learn more about our sales and marketing process, listen to the full episode of Pathmonk Podcast where Eddy’s VP of Marketing, Nadine Evans, shares insights on intelligent water leak detection technology and how we communicate complex technical solutions to our stakeholders.

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