Avoiding Water Damage While on Vacation

How Intelligent Leak Protection will give you peace of mind while on vacation this summer

It’s officially summer! As the kids finish school and the temperature sits at a comfortably warm level, you are probably getting ready for vacation! As you head out for wherever you’re going this summer, the last thing you want to think about is water damage to your home.
While statistically speaking, water damage isn’t more likely to occur when you are on vacation, it may seem like it. However, while away from your home, a water issue will be much worse. Without regular eyes on your home, a simple appliance issue or leaky pipe can turn into a much bigger and more expensive issue, simply because the longer the water runs before being discovered, the greater the damage to your home. Not to mention the mold that begins to develop just 72 hours after a water issue – and can have serious and long-lasting effects to the health of your family and environment of your home.
Water damage continues to grow as the biggest risk to a property, accounting for more than half of all damage claims. According to 2012 Aviva statistics, the average homeowner property claim is more than $15,000, much of this due to the investment homeowners have made into their basements.
Here’s where Eddy can help. Imagine a smart home device that will not only alert you to a water issue while you are away but will step in and take action to shut off the water to prevent damage. This IoT enabled technology tracks water usage and determines abnormalities, alerting you via mobile app, text, email, and/or phone call if an issue is detected. Our system includes an ‘Away Mode’ for you to select to let us know you’ll be away from your home, which makes our system hypersensitive to any water usage and tightens our controls during this time.
Eddy works. Recently, a Burlington, Ontario family of four enjoyed a well-deserved weeklong beach vacation. On day 2 of their vacation, their home’s under floor heating system malfunctioned and started to leak into their finished basement. The owners were alerted on their My Eddy Home App, but because they were snorkeling, they missed the alert. Our automatic shutoff feature deployed, and instead of returning home to thousands of dollars of damage, destroyed property, and six days of mold growth, they had a minor plumbing bill.
If you’re going away this summer, consider the advantages of Intelligent Leak Protection – so your home is protected against its biggest risk – water damage.
About Eddy
Eddy Solutions is an industry leader in leak protection and water monitoring solutions. Our suite of smart products offers a comprehensive water management system for building operators and homeowners that protects, controls, and conserves water. Our products have saved thousands of customers millions of dollars in damages and millions of litres of water waste by continuously monitoring water usage in their properties. For more details, please contact us at 1 877 388 3339 or email info@eddysolutions.com.

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