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Insurance brokers are tasked with ensuring that their customers are properly protected against risk. The Eddy suite of products is a perfect fit for your customers, as we proactively protect homes against risk, avert damage, and ultimately shield homeowners from the significant costs associated with water damage events.

Water damage is the number one claim for insurers, equating to 48% of all paid property claims. Insurers are recognizing the importance and value of smart home water monitoring, particularly a solution that offers remote and automatic water main shutoff. Many leading insurance companies offer property insurance discounts of up to 15%.

We are proud to work with Canadian insurance brokers to create awareness and provide education on Smart Home Water Monitoring and Eddy Home.

Eddy Insurance Partners Enjoy

Partnering with an established, Canadian owned and operated, smart water monitoring and leak detection organization with a customer service team located in Toronto, Ontario

Insurance Incentives

Ability to promote your brokerage directly, or through blog posts and informational articles on Eddy Home’s social channels and website

Eddy Home’s RIBO accredited training course which offers 2 Technical hours to your employees

Eddy’s Training is RIBO Accredited!

Eddy Home’s two courses, “The Internet of Things and Water Damage – Risk Reduction for Homeowners” and “Overland Flooding and Smart Water Sensing Technology,” educate insurance brokers on IoT/Smart Homes, and how homeowners can leverage this trend to better equip themselves to protect against water damage.

These free of charge RIBO accredited courses each offer two hours of training in the Technical category, through in-person, instructor led seminars. Participants will discuss the growing concerns of homeowners on water damage, the insurance industry motivation to mitigate risk and educate consumers, and how technology can substantially reduce homeowners’ risk of water damage. Further, most leading Insurance Companies offer discounts of up to 15% for homeowners who install water sensors/monitors with automatic shutoff capability.

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