Intelligent Water
Monitoring Solutions
for Construction

Eddy Solutions offers comprehensive protection against the risk of water damage throughout all stages of a building’s life cycle, with solutions designed for each phase.

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Water damage is a maJor cause
of loss during and post construction

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Project Delays

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Employ state-of-the-art water leak detection and monitoring technology to protect your buildings at every stage from construction to post occupancy.

Temperature Notification icon
Water, Temperature, & Humidity Notification
Mechanical Equipment icon
Mechanical Equipment / Below-Grade Protection
Hoist Suite Protection icon
Hoist Suite Protection
Temporary Line Protection icon
Temporary Line Protection
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Main Feed Protection

Areas of Protection

Phase 2

Main Feed icon

Main Feed

Protect buildings on the main pump station supply for all domestic water

Hoist Suite Protection icon

Hoist Suite Protection

Provide immediate notification of water presence, potential pipe freeze, and blowouts

Water icon

Water, Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Provide immediate notification of water presence, anomalous temperature and humidity conditions throughout key risk areas

Temporary Water Feed icon

Temporary Water Feed

Provide protection to the temporary water line, all adjacent temporary water facilities included

Mechanical Protection icon

Subgrade & Mechanical Protection

Provide immediate leak notification of water threats to major mechanical equipment and potential water ingress/egress

Phase 3

Closed Loop icon

Closed Loop

Automatic shutoff valves on closed loop and boiler systems

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Water, temperature, and humidity readings in domestic distribution risers

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Detailed and summary data will be available on the dashboard

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Sensor protection at points of risk (e.g. fan coil units)

Main Feed and PRV Stations icon

Main Feed and PRV Stations

Equipping main and pressure reducing valve(s) stations with automatic and remote shutoff valves in the main and pressure reducing valve(s) stations

Anomalies icon


Identified through a behavioral learning period enabled by sensory and flow data at key distribution points

Pillars of Protection
Pillars of Protection

IoT and Data Driven Water Management

IoT icon


LoRaWAN icon


Robust Data icon

Robust Data

24/7 Monitoring icon

24/7 Monitoring

Eddy's Product Suite

Eddy H2O Sensor Front View

Eddy H2O

Water, Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Eddy IQ

Water Meter with Shutoff

Eddy Dashboard

Eddy Dashboard

Management Dashboard

My Eddy App

My Eddy App

Mobile App

Product: Eddy Valve

Eddy Valve

Shutoff Valve (up to 24")

Product: EddyLink

Eddy Link

Valve Controller

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