Eddy Awarded 2018 Most Innovative Product


Wow! We are so proud of our team!
Recently, at the Building Show, Eddy received top honours from the Toronto Construction Association (TCA), one of Canada’s longest standing associations focused on Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional (ICI) practitioners. The ‘Most Innovative Product Award,’ received 21 nominations, and awarded first, second, and third place awards for the top three candidates, with Eddy receiving top prize.
Eddy Wins Innovative Product Award for Intelligent Water Monitoring for Buildings“Our Innovative Product Award is about rewarding companies that are using exciting new technologies that help redefine our construction industry, specifically in how we design, build and operate buildings and infrastructure. We would like to extend our sincerest congratulations to Eddy Solutions on their first-place win for their innovative product that provides 24/7 monitoring and support using their Intelligent Water Monitoring System for Buildings,” comments J. Mollenhauer, President & CEO of TCA.
“It is a huge honour to win this award,” shared Travis Allan, Eddy’s CEO. “Water is a huge risk to all property owners, and buildings in particular, and our system mitigates damage with data and shutoff solutions,” shared Travis Allan, our CEO. “We are extremely proud to our team for their hard work and dedication, which is being recognized in this award.”
To read more about the TCA award, please view our official press release here.
About Eddy
Eddy is an innovative North American provider of smart water metering products and related technologies, helping property owners protect, control, and conserve water usage by combining water sensing with the Internet of Things. Eddy provides substantial protection to single family homes and commercial and residential buildings (MURBS). For more details on Eddy’s products or company information, please visit eddysolutions.com.

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