Eddy Home is now Eddy Solutions


Eddy has changed our name

We are very pleased to announce our new name and identity: Eddy Solutions!Eddy Changes Name to Eddy Solutions
“Our initial goal was to mitigate risk for individual homeowners,” commented Sam Boyajian, President of Eddy Solutions, “however we have grown to serve the multi-family and commercial buildings industry through our riser, boiler main feed and in-suite protection packages. We are excited to streamline our brand to align with our new strategic vision.”
Eddy’s suite of products includes the Eddy IQ, a device installed on a water main that tracks usage and includes remote and automatic shutoffs based on water usage algorithms, Eddy H2O sensors which are placed in various locations near water sources to pinpoint the exact location of leaks or other issues as well as the Link, a non-intrusive technology that complements existing meter infrastructure and integrates with a shutoff valve for commercial and industrial applications.
About Eddy Solutions
Eddy Solutions is a leading provider of intelligent water monitoring and flood/leak detection, protecting multi-dwelling units, commercial buildings, and single-family homes with IoT powered technology. Recently awarded a 2018 AI Pioneer, EnerQuality’s 2017 Most Innovative Product, and Water Canada’s 2017 Product/Technology awards, Eddy Solutions provides substantial protection to single homes, commercial and residential buildings (MURBS). For more details on Eddy’s products or company information, please visit eddysolutions.com.

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