Eddy Home Receives Second RIBO Accreditation – Overland Flooding Course


Overland Flooding and Smart Water Sensing Technology
An Educational Course/Presentation for Insurance Brokers
Overland flooding has become one the hottest topics in home insurance today. With the reality of climate change facing Canadians, weather patterns have become increasingly unpredictable, resulting in many types of flooding issues. Smart water sensing technology can significantly assist a homeowner, alerting him/her to water issues due to overland flooding to help reduce damages and ultimately, reduce severity of claims.
Our course, “Overland Flooding and Smart Water Sensing Technology,” discusses the threat of overland flooding, the damages, and how sensor technology can alert homeowners to issues immediately and how they can help mitigate damages.
This free of charge RIBO accredited course offers 2 hours of training in the Technical category, through an in-person, instructor led seminar.
Eddy Home is pleased to be an accredited education provider for Registered Insurance Brokers in Ontario. The Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO) is the accrediting body for all independent insurance brokers in the province of Ontario, regulating broker licensing, professional conduct, and continuing education. RIBO requires all brokers to obtain a minimum of 10 continuing education hours every year to maintain their license.
Our first course, “The Internet of Things and Risk Reduction for Homeowners,” received accreditation in May of 2017, and has been presented to more than 400 brokers in Ontario.
“Insurance brokers protect their clients against risk,” commented Shkya Ghanbarian, Director of Growth Strategy for Eddy Home. “We’re thrilled at the response to our risk reduction seminars, as smart home water monitoring and leak detection is paramount to ensuring that a home is protected against water damage, the biggest risk facing homeowners today.”
To read more about Eddy Home’s RIBO Accreditation, please view our press release.
About Eddy Home and Smart Home Water Monitoring/Leak Detection 
Launched in 2015, Eddy Home Inc is a Canadian owned smart home monitoring solution committed to helping homeowners control and conserve water usage. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario and recently awarded the 2017 Most Innovative Product of the Year by EnerQuality and the 2017 Project/Technology award by Water Canada, Eddy Home provides services to thousands of homes.

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