Eddy Home’s Website Wins Horizon Award!


We could not be prouder of our team: Eddy’s website just received an award from the Horizon Interactive Awards!
The Horizon Interactive Awards is an International competition showcasing excellence in online advertising, web site design, and video production. Each year, the competition receives tens of thousands of entries from 40 countries globally. Our web designing company, The Story Web Design and Marketing, entered on our behalf, and we are very happy to say, we won!
Eddy Home wins Horizon AwardBest of Category: Consumer Information
The award showcases exceptional design in the field of educating consumers. Eddy’s new website, launched in the fall of 2017, was created with the goal of both bringing substantial awareness to water damage as a risk as well as offering a ‘wow’ factor to viewers. Several videos throughout the site demonstrate both water damage and the easy remedies that Eddy’s solution provides.
Thank you to Horizon for this significant honour, and a very huge thanks and congratulations to Trevor Hamilton of The Story!
Eddy Home is an industry leader in leak protection and water monitoring solutions. Our suite of smart products offers a comprehensive water management system for building operators and homeowners that protects, controls, and conserves water. Our products have saved thousands of customers millions of dollars in damages and millions of litres of water waste by continuously monitoring water usage in their properties. For more details, please contact us at 1 877 388 3339 or email info@eddyhome.com.

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