Eddy Launches New Website!


Eddy’s got a new look and feel! Our new website was recently launched to demonstrate Eddy’s work not just in single family homes, but in multi-family buildings and commercial/industrial spaces as well. Offering a clean layout with simple navigation, the new site provides an updated design that better embodies the Eddy Solutions brand.
“Our new website provides an easy to navigate format that addresses our stakeholder,” commented Travis Allan, Eddy’s CEO. “Eddy Solutions continues to address an often-overlooked need in risk management: the significant and on-going threat of water damage for property owners. Multi-family buildings in particular are extremely vulnerable to the risk of water, considering the impact on tenants, property management, and infrastructure.”
The new website is fully responsive and provides engaging content specifically targeted towards building stakeholders, insurance companies, as well as homeowners.
Eddy’s automated leak detection solution includes the Eddy IQ, a device installed on a water main that tracks usage and includes a remote and automatic shutoff, and Eddy H2O sensors which are placed in high risk locations near water sources to pinpoint the exact location of leaks or other water related issues. Eddy’s suite of products also includes the Link, a non-intrusive technology that complements existing meters, integrating with a shutoff valve available for commercial and industrial applications. A mobile app and dashboard compliment the application, allowing users (property managers, homeowners, etc.) to remotely track water situations in real time and act immediately when issues are detected if needed.
About Eddy
Eddy is an innovative North American provider of smart water metering products and related technologies, helping property owners protect, control, and conserve water usage by combining water sensing with the Internet of Things. Recently awarded the 2018 Toronto Construction Association’s Innovation award and the 2018 AI Innovation award, Eddy provides substantial protection to single family homes as well as commercial and residential buildings (MURBS). For more details on Eddy’s products or company information, please visit eddysolutions.com.

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