Eddy Solutions is a public company now

Eddy Solutions is TSXV listed company, traded under EDY

We are thrilled to share a key milestone for Eddy: Last week, we became a public company!

We started Eddy Solutions in 2015 to protect our customers against a property’s biggest risk, water. To do that, we’ve focused on building exceptional IoT technology and delivering world-class experiences for our customers.

This new stage will help us pursue our vision for the future of IoT-enabled water management solutions. It will help us keep building a sustainable company our team, customers, families, and communities can be proud of. And more than that, we believe it will give us the platform and additional resources to execute our business strategies and deliver the solutions our customers need to protect their assets.

Shoutout to Investment Pitch Media who shot a wonderful video about this news. You can watch the video here.

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