Eddy Win’s HHHBA’s Dragon’s Den!

Eddy Win’s HHHBA’s Dragon’s Den!

Congratulations to Sue Cerilli and the entire Eddy team for winning the Hamilton Halton Home Builder Association’s (HHHBA) 2018 Dragon’s Den competition!

Presenting Eddy's Leak Detection soluiton that stops water damage for buildings and homes
Sue Cerilli presents Eddy’s IoT Protection Solution to the HHHBA judges

Well, we here at Eddy aren’t above tooting our own horn! We’ve won another award, this time a fun pitch competition from the HHHBA on Wednesday evening at their January meeting.
The Hamilton-Halton Home Builders Association provides support, guidance, resources, and advocacy to home building professionals in Hamilton and Halton regions in Ontario. Their January meeting included something a little different on the agenda: a dragon’s den style competition with three finalists pitching for three minutes to three industry judges.
Sue Cerilli, Director of New Construction and Development presented Eddy’s Solution – Internet of Things (IoT) protection for a home’s biggest risk to the ‘dragon’ judges and the HHHBA attendees on Wednesday, January 17, 2018. Her pitch discussed the importance of intelligent water monitoring, particularly given that the risk of water damage to a home or building is so high. In fact, claims for water damage in the residential sector make up nearly 50% of all claims in Canada.
Eddy Home’s suite of products is a comprehensive smart water monitoring solution that tracks water usage and ambient conditions in a multi-dwelling building or single dwelling home. The technology immediately alerts users when issues arise, and offers both remote and automatic shutoff capabilities. The applications for Eddy’s technology are vast, particularly for builders in the commercial, residential, and multi-dwelling unit space.
About Eddy
Eddy is a leading provider of intelligent water monitoring and flood/leak detection. Recently awarded the 2017 Most Innovative Product of the Year by EnerQuality and the 2017 Project/Technology award by Water Canada, Eddy provides intelligent, IoT powered water monitoring and leak protection for multi-dwelling units, commercial buildings, and single dwelling homes. For more details on Eddy’s products or company information, please visit www.eddysolutions.com.

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