Eddy IQ in Action: Basement Flood Prevention

Eddy IQ prevents basement flood - Intelligent Water Monitoring

Preventing a Basement Flood in a Mississauga Home

Barbara and Greg Boulton of Mississauga didn’t realize when they left their home one cold morning in February, that they might return to a flood in their basement. A water filter malfunction in the basement could have resulted in exactly that – if not for the Eddy IQ she had installed a few months prior.

Eddy IQ prevents flood in basement - Intelligent Water Monitoring in Canada
Barbara and Greg Boulton were relieved to find that the Eddy IQ had stopped a flood in their basement

The water filter normally completes a backwash cycle, filtering the water and discharging water into the floor drain. However, on this day, the backwash cycle continued for longer than usual. The Eddy IQ noticed this abnormality, and contacted Barbara to let her know. When we couldn’t immediately reach her, our system enabled the automatic shutoff to protect their home.
“Based on the data we saw, we expected a problem with the water filter. We advised Barbara to check the basement to see if there was anything amiss before turning her water back on,” explained Daniel Malkin, Eddy’s Field Operations Manager.
Sure enough, Barbara found a small amount of water around in the laundry room of her basement. Eddy’s technician uncovered during troubleshooting that the water filter was stuck in the backwash cycle, pushing 12 liters of water into the floor drain continuously. Unfortunately, the floor drain could not handle the massive volume of water from the filter malfunction. Had the water not been shut off, Barbara and Greg would have returned to a flood.
“The Eddy IQ stopped the water from flooding my basement, resulting in no damage to my home,” commented Barbara. “The Eddy team took care of everything for me – including contacting the water filter company to fix the problem. If I didn’t have Eddy in my home, the damage to my basement would have been extensive. Instead of a flood, I experienced the comfort and peace of mind of knowing that I’m protected 24 hours a day with their technology and service.”
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