Water Monitoring solutions
for Residential Real Estate

Avoid water damage from leaks and burst pipes. Get actionable insights into leaks and water usage.

Protect your multi-family property with Eddy

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Reduce Insurance Costs​

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Detect Leaks Early


Protect Your Asset

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Lower Individual Unit Cost


Building Protection

Valves & sensors detect leaks along major infrastructure and automatically turn off water.

Unit Protection

Additional sensors within the suite to protect at risk fixtures & appliances.

Smart Metering

Additional smart meters provide consumption data while also detect irregular flow.

Get protection for residents

Major water issues often lead to the displacement of tenants or residents, causing significant distress, inconvenience, and economic burden. In response to the high risks posed by water damage, insurance companies are now requiring the proactive management of water leaks through the adoption of intelligent leak prevention technologies.

Protect your property

Given the inherent risk of residents living on multiple floors, the risk of water damage is amplified in Multi-Family high-rises. Avoid costly repairs associated with water leaks and damage with Eddy.

Elevate your property management

Our approach minimizes disruptions, cuts unexpected costs, and speeds up emergency responses, all while preserving your property value. Enjoy peace of mind with fewer tenant complaints and maintained property worth, thanks to our proactive solutions.

System Features

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Leak protection

Water leak detection with shutoff valves

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Real-time data insights into water usage

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Smart Metering

Water consumption data

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24/7 live monitoring

Eddy's Canadian monitoring centre is always there

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No WiFi needed

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API Integration

Eddy can interface with your Management system

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Quick installation

With Eddy's growing installation network

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Operator Dashboard

Manage all products from a cloud platform

Areas of Protection

Closed Loop

Automatic shutoff valves on closed loop and boiler systems


Water, temperature, and humidity readings in domestic distribution risers

Common Spaces

Sensors and shutoff valves in common spaces, amenities, and mechanical rooms

Main Feed and PRV Stations

Equipping main and pressure reducing valve(s) stations with automatic and remote shutoff valves in the main and pressure reducing valve(s) stations


Sensor protection at points of risk (e.g., fan coil units)


Identified through a behavioral learning period enabled by sensory and flow data at key distribution points

Eddy’s system learns and adjusts through sensory and flow data to automatically identify anomalies and mitigate threats.

Eddy's Product Suite

Eddy IQ

Water Meter with Shutoff

Eddy H2O

3 in 1 Water Sensor

Eddy Valve

Shutoff Valve (up to 8")

Eddy Link

Valve Controller

My Eddy App

Mobile App

Eddy Dashboard

Management Platform

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