Eddy H2O

The Eddy H2O is the key to protecting high risk areas at your property. With live text alerts, emails and our 24/7 monitoring system the presence of water is detected immediately turning catastrophic leaks into mop and bucket clean ups.

Wireless Water Sensor for Your Property

The Eddy H2O allows you to proactively address water-related damage, ensuring the protection of assets, reduction of operational disruptions, and maintenance of a safe controlled environment.

Key Features of the Eddy H2O

Water Contact Sensor

Ideal for monitoring areas around plumbing fixtures and water-related appliances to detect the presence of water promptly.

Humidity & Temperature Reading

Valuable insights into environment to avoid conditions that could lead to damage.

Wireless Operation

Ensures ease of deployment without the need for extensive wiring or complicated setups. With ability to transmit signals through concrete structures.

Long Battery Life

Designed for longevity and reliability, the Eddy H2O reduces maintenance needs and ensures continuous operation, minimizing the risk of unnoticed issues.

Product - H2O Sensor

Invest in Water Leak Protection with Eddy H2O

Choosing the Eddy H2O means selecting a technology with ability to offer the insights and alerts necessary to mitigate risks. With its comprehensive monitoring capabilities and seamless integration, the Eddy H2O is an invaluable asset for any organization looking to enhance its protective measures against water damage.

Unparalleled Eddy H2O Connectivity with Eddy Gateway

The Eddy Gateway is engineered to provide buildings with a reliable LoraWAN communication infrastructure, facilitating the real-time transmission of data from sensors across extensive properties.


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