Flooding Damage Control: Eddy featured in April Issue of Toronto Condo News


It’s no secret the risk that water presents to a building and its occupants. Water damage can come from anywhere: leaking pipes, appliance failures, leaks in the riser stacks, boiler room leaks, and of course, water issues from tenant appliances and simple misuse of water (like leaving the tap on while running water). When water damage strikes, it’s not just the property that’s damaged or destroyed – it often means that residents cannot stay in their own homes while restoration occurs.
Toronto Condo News’ April issue included a story on flooding in buildings, gave a shout-out to Eddy’s system as an IoT enabled supplier of leak mitigation tools for buildings. Take a look at the article here.
Eddy’s system provides water detection monitoring in real time that identifies the unexpected presence of water and notifies the property manager and the resident, so that action can be taken. When coupled with shutoffs, the system will ensure that water is off so that damage is prevented.
About Eddy
Eddy Solutions is an industry leader in leak protection and water monitoring solutions. Our suite of smart products offers a comprehensive water management system for building operators and homeowners that protects, controls, and conserves water. Our products have saved thousands of customers millions of dollars in damages and millions of litres of water waste by continuously monitoring water usage in their properties. For more details, please contact us at 1 877 388 3339 or email info@eddysolutions.com.

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