Win of The Week – High Point at Friday Harbour Resort

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Image showing High Point at Friday Harbour Resort

Eddy Solutions‘ system recently detected multiple water alerts in Pemberton Group’s High Point at Friday Harbour. Our intelligent water management system detected water in the building’s AC unit, triggering a water detection alert.

Within minutes, additional alerts were triggered in the pipes of a first-floor unit’s primary bathroom and the washing machine in another first-floor unit’s laundry room. The Eddy system also detected that the hot and chilled water make-up valves were turned off as a preventative measure.

If left undetected, the water leaks could have caused significant damage to the building’s infrastructure, leading to costly repairs and downtime. In addition, water leaks in a building can cause mold growth and structural damage and even pose health risks to tenants. In this case, the Eddy system was able to detect the leaks in real time and prevent the situation from escalating.

Upon receiving the alerts, one of our customer support agents contacted the property manager to inform him of the alerts and the valves that had been turned off. The property manager confirmed that water was flowing in the unit and that they were working to resolve it. After a short time, they called back to report that t they had addressed the situation and cleared off the sensors.

Thanks to the early alerts generated by the Eddy system, the property manager was able to quickly respond to the situation and prevent further damage. In addition, our quick detection and real-time alerts enabled the building operator to take preventative measures and reduce the risk of damage to the building’s infrastructure.

This incident highlights the importance of installing an intelligent water management system in buildings. Our system detects water leaks in real-time, alerts the customer, and prevents further damage to the building. The early detection and prevention made possible by our system can help property owners and managers save time and money and ensure the safety and well-being of their residents.

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