How Smart Home Water Monitoring Works

of all residential insurance claims in Canada are due to water damage

Water damage is the biggest risk facing homeowners today. Each year Canadians incur more than one billion in water damage related insurance claims. Homeowners may not realize that they are 12 times more likely to have a water damage claim than a fire, and three times more likely to have a water issue than a theft.

What many homeowners do not realize is that their insurance may not fully cover the cost of the necessary repairs, or the impact they’ll face with the strain and stress of a major unexpected renovation project. Further, many insurance policies will not cover water damage if the homeowner is away from the home for more than 72 hours.

How can a property owner protect against water damage?

Eddy’s Suite of Products

The system also helps families conserve water through tracking everyday water usage, and creating fun conservation challenges.

By combining the Internet of Things (Smart Home Automation) and the need for water management and mitigation, our Smart Water Monitoring Solution is a water leak detection system that immediately identifies water issues or abnormalities for a homeowner. The  IQ is installed on the water main, alerting a user to issues, allowing the customer (and our back-end monitoring centre) to remotely shut off the water. Our H2O sensors detect leaks, as well as track temperature, and humidity conditions inside a home.

Going away?

Eddy’s away mode allows customers to quickly indicate that they’ll be away, alerting our monitoring centre to reduced water activity in the home. When this is the case, any water activity detected on the Eddy IQ alerts us to an issue and we’ll promptly deal with it, ensuring that our customers can be at ease when on vacation.

Enjoy your time away and let Eddy take care of the rest.


of water damage can be avoided with Eddy

Percent of Water Damage Dollar Losses by Cause

Eddy Success Stories

Eddy technology prevents water damage, helps conserve, and saves customers money.

Detection of All Leaks – Major and Minor

Recently, our Eddy IQ detected a leak that was unnoticed by the homeowner. A showerhead in the guest bathroom was leaking a teaspoon of water/hour, a very minor leak that ordinarily would have gone undetected for some time, resulting in significant water loss over time. Thanks to Eddy, the homeowner was notified and the issue fixed, resulting in a very happy customer.

Proactive Protection for Homeowners

The Eddy IQ alerted a customer to an unnoticed leak, and when she contacted a plumber, he found water underneath her home. Left undetected, it would have caused a great amount of damage and harmful mold. The homeowner was able to swiftly deal with the leak before it became a major issue.

Helping to Challenge Canadians’ Water Usage

Canadians are traditionally the second largest water wasters in the world, consuming twice the amount of water as Europeans. While altering consumer behaviour is difficult, tracking and challenging customers to control and conserve water usage helps change attitudes on water use.

Our App offers challenges and fun activities to help customers conserve water, and our monthly water reports highlight water statistics.

Eddy’s customers have seen a 5% decrease in water consumption based on their conservation efforts.

Saving our Customers Money

13% of a home’s water usage is due to leaks, and Eddy’s technology significantly reduces a home’s water loss due to leaks. Combined with conservation savings, our solution saves a customer on average 14% of their annual water usage.

Our clients save 14% on average