Eddy in Your Home

Smart Home Water Monitoring and Consumption Tracking for Your Home

Eddy’s intelligent water monitoring solution proactively measures your entire home’s water usage and conditions, collecting data and analyzing patterns so that the moment an issue is detected, you’re notified. You’ll receive an alert through text or email, and our monitoring centre will contact you directly if the alert is not taken care of immediately.

Track your home’s water usage day and night!

Your custom dashboard lets you review your home’s water usage (either on your smart device or computer), so you can have a full view of how much and when you’re using water. You can track how your usage compares with the previous day, week, and month, and the cost of the water you’ve used.

Our customers report a 5% decrease in water consumption based on conservation activities alone!

Reasons for Eddy

Protects Against Your #1 Risk – Water

Eddy alerts to water issues and provides a remote and automatic water shutoff, preventing costly water damage to homes.


Insurance discounts are available from most leading insurers.

Early Alerts

In situations with water leaks, every second counts – Eddy’s solution provides immediate alerts and action.

24/7 Monitoring

Eddy is centrally monitored by our highly trained and certified leak experts giving our customers peace of mind.


The first essential home service that pays for itself.

The end result is reduced risk, enhanced peace of mind, and a lower utility bill