Eddy & Multi-Dwelling Units

Eddy’s water monitoring technology has multiple applications for commercial buildings. Whether you operate a commercial building or a residential high-rise apartment or condo building, water damage is your biggest risk.

Eddy’s multi-unit building solution offers:

Complete insights and data into your high rise condo/multi-dwelling unit. Our solution includes a sensor only approach:

For a complete water monitoring commercial solution which includes water main shutoff, our Link + Sensors provide a comprehensive approach to water management.

Minute by Minute Access to Data

Know the moment your client’s assets are susceptible to risks associated with water damage and take action.

Multiple Levels of Redundancy

Four layers of risk mitigation enabling you with an elevated duty of care through:

  • 1. Property Manager Dashboard
  • 2. Property Manager App for remote monitoring
  • 3. Residential customer App
  • 4. 24/7 Central Monitoring Station

Risk Reduction for Insurers

Water damage is the number one payout for insurers, equating to 48% of all paid property claims. This has driven insurers to recognize the value of leak detection solutions, leading to the adoption of this technology in multi-unit residential dwellings.

Increase Efficiencies

Reduce maintenance and inspection time on your property management service offerings with convenient insights into a resident’s unit.

Actionable Insights Grounded in Real Data

Understanding risk factors through actual data will enable you to take action before the problem occurs.