Thank you so much. You guys have saved me so much money ...it's worth it.

Tito H., Homeowner

Gilbert S.,


It’s quite efficient…I’ve saved some money from my bills!

Joseph P,


I’m glad that we have this service. That my parents have this service. Since I moved back in its only this and the previous call where one of our showers was leaking because of the rubber being over-tightened. Its great. We really appreciate, I really appreciate the service as my parents are getting older you know things can happen.

Domenic P,

Builder & Homeowner

Everything is great, perfect really. Very professional.

Edwin C,


Customer Service is great and the agents are great. The equipment caught some minor leaks in the first few weeks and you guys are taking care of everything.

Mary L.,


I like the company because the people are very nice. The technician is very nice. Everybody is educated, respectful and, very, very, nice.

Eugene & Carol C,


Our water was acting up, we actually had a leak…We had a plumbing leak under the house. We found it and fixed it right away. It is a good thing to have – saved us a lot of money!

Dan R.,


The coolest thing about having the meter installed is that our kids are actively watching our water usage, how much it costs mom and dad, and thinking of new ways to cut down the amount of water we are using.

Adolfo & Teresa,


The service is great I love it! The fact that I can see how much water in consuming and what I’m saving.



I know how precious water is. Thank you so much for informing me. I am grateful to you and thankful to you.

Richard/Rosi L,


Everything/anything we have a problem with, they notify us. We don’t know that there’s water running, but they know it and they let us know.

Gary S,


…You are 24 hours a day – that’s a great service you’ve got…I like the fact that if there’s a broken pipe, you’re there to monitor it and you can shut it off. I’ve been thinking that when I go to my own site, I can see how to shut off my water and turn it on when I get back home again.

Maria R,


The meter detected a leak. When the plumber came, he found water under my house from a pipe that had been leaking, and another pipe leaking under my kitchen sink. It caused mold everywhere. Without you, I would have never known!