Water is the biggest risk to property

Each year, billions and billions are spent repairing damage in homes and buildings – much of which can be mitigated with Intelligent Leak Protection. 

Our products equip users with the ability to monitor, control, and conserve water usage, protecting them against the risk of leaks and damage.

Advantages of Eddy for Insurers

Improved loss ratio

Data Insights

Value Add for Clients

Rewarding Behaviors

Overall Better Protection

Residential Protection

Our technology immediately detects a leak, alerting the homeowner and providing the ability to shut off the water either remotely or through our automatic shutoff – stopping damage before it starts.

93% of typical water damage that originates within a home is preventable with Eddy’s technology.
(Source: ACE Private Risk Services)

Multi-family and Commercial Building Solutions

The Eddy system offers comprehensive protection – covering the main feed/zones, boiler/closed loop lines, risers, and common areas, and in-suite – avoiding business interruptions, costly damage, and tenant disruption.

Our technology can be deployed in buildings both during and after construction.

Benefits of Eddy

Real Time Data

The Eddy system collects, normalizes, and analyzes data on water damage and user consumption habits on an individual and aggregated level.

Fraud Detection

Our data provides insights into the exact timing of a water incident, size of the leak, and when the water shutoff was deployed, providing the ability to detect fraud from self-inflicted water damage or inflated claims.

Behavioral Learning & AI

The Eddy system’s behavioral learning algorithms examine and adapt to individual user’s consumption habits in order to identify anything abnormal.

24/7 Monitoring for Round the Clock Protection

Our highly trained experts have a deep understanding of water usage for each profile and provide immediate remediation coordination.

Water damage is a problem that can be solved with Eddy.

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