Investment in sustainable future

Eddy’s system provides our clients with the ability to maintain an ESG strategy for their water footprint.

At Eddy, sustainability is an essential part of our vision, mission, and direction. Our solutions help curtail environmental and financial impact of water loss.

Eddy Solutions' Green Promise

Resource Management

With granular visibility down to 0.1 litres per minute, our scalable and easily integrated water sub-metering system enables our clients to view water consumption data from minute to minute, day, month, billing cycle, and year. Eddy's centralized management dashboard provides our clients with behavioural insights and remote and automatic shutoff capabilities. All the while promoting conservation and good water habits.


Leak Detection

Eddy’s integrated IoT systems focus on sustainability and equip clients with real-time water monitoring and mitigation solutions. Our clients avoid costly repairs, time lost due to insurance processes, and downtime for vacant retail or residential space while conserving energy and water.


Reduction of Wastewater

Today, 1 trillion gallons of water are wasted annually in the U.S. alone due to water leaks, equal to annual water usage in 11 million homes. This water usage rate with future population growth may create an unsustainable pattern. Eddy's product suite enhances the ability to use water resources efficiently by saving water.


Energy Savings

2-3 billion kW/h of electricity is expended pumping water in the US due to leakage. Eddy helps reduce the energy used to treat, pump, and heat water, lowering energy demand and helping prevent air pollution.

We Stop Leaks for Buildings Like Yours

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