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Join us for this unique, one day virtual event where industry leaders explore how IoT and connected technology are changing the way we live and work.

November 18th, 2021

The second annual IoT PropTech Summit, all set for November 18, 2021, will bring together innovators, experts, and organizations who are transforming the property industry with building automation and IoT technologies. Join representatives for Microsoft, Rogers, PCL Construction, and Comcast/MachineQ, Aon, and AXA X along with tech disruptors like Eddy Solutions, Latium, and Exact for a full day of learnings and insights.

Learn how Property Technology is utilized to reduce risk, streamline operations, lower insurance premiums, and reduce costs in a sustainable way.

The event is free of charge for all attendees – but you must register to reserve your space.

This year, IoT PropTech Summit organizers are proud to showcase innovation in three categories.

Learn more on how you can nominate an emerging technology provider for an opportunity to gain recognition.

Featured Speakers

Explore the world of IoT and PropTech with expert speakers in construction, insurance, technology, and more.

John Volcko

PCL Construction

Rose Hall


Travis Allan

Eddy Solutions

Julie Morin

Microsoft Canada

John Mollenhauer

Toronto Construction Association

Chris Greene


Tess Van Thielen

Rogers for Business

Lori Pecorilli

Latium Technologies

Roopesh Patel

Rogers for Business

Shkya Ghanbarian

Eddy Solutions

June Thomson

Eddy Solutions

Bryan Witkowski


Brenda Beckedorf

Alberta IoT

Elliott Samuel

Eddy Solutions

John Harvey
John Harvey

Insurtech Canada

Desiree Carter

Rogers for Business

Derek Wallace

LoRa Alliance

Mikele Brack

Urban Living Futures

Stacia Van Zetten

Exact Technology

Marie-France Laurin


John Boktor

PCL Construction

Kevin Crowe

Long View Systems

Lawrence Liu

Tribe Property Technologies

Ryan Chacon

IoT For All

Joseph Nakhla

Tribe Property Technologies

Sam Reid

Eddy Solutions

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9:00 AM EST

Introduction to Conference and Opening of Show Floor

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9:15 AM EST

Living Smart: 360 Degrees of Technology for ROI and Exceptional Customer Experience in Multi-family space

Join our speakers as we explore the ROI of connected technology in the multifamily sector and how data collected by IoT technology can invigorate overall living spaces.

10:00 AM EST

Accelerating Growth in IoT Technology: Leveraging Insurance and Construction Partnerships

In this panel, we'll explore the benefits of Internet of Things (IoT) adoption, including potential savings from reduced deductibles/fewer claims, greater productivity, and improved safety records.

11:00 AM EST

Smart buildings to Smart Cities

Intelligent buildings are a crucial element to a future where cities become safe, smart, and sustainable. So how do we make the places where we live more comfortable while increasing overall operational efficiency? Join us to find out!

1:00 PM EST

Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) and IoT – how PropTech investment bolsters ESG initiatives.
A C-Level discussion

ESG – or Environmental, Social and Governance is quickly becoming an increasingly important factor for investors large and small. This panel will explore how IoT technology can demonstrate its ability to make a meaningful difference and help satisfy this demand.

2:00 PM EST

A Smart Future: How Developers are Turning to Intelligent Designs

Our speakers will delve into the future of smart property technology - particularly in the construction world - making predictions about where it's all heading.

3:00 PM EST

Disruption and Opportunity: How the Past Two Years Have Transformed Our IoT Appetite

Here we will examine the impact of the pandemic and how the past few years has impacted this space.

4:00 PM EST

Intelligent infrastructure for an intelligent world

What are the drivers behind rising insurance premiums? How can IoT solve operational inefficiencies? What technology is needed to connect it all on all levels, including municipalities? Join us for an indepth presentation about the present and the future of intelligent cities.

4:40 PM EST

IoT PropTech Awards

IoT PropTech Awards winners will be unveiled! Join us to celebrate the best and brightest in the IoT PropTech startup world!

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