Leaks In The Workplace


Leaks can happen anywhere, even in the workplace.

Water leaks can cause extensive damage resulting in costly repairs, and can also lead to serious health and safety issues.

This is why it’s essential to look for any potential leaks in your workplace and take steps to prevent them.

Below are some helpful suggestions from the EPA to find and prevent water waste in your workplace:

1. If you see a leak – in the restroom, pantry, or outdoors, report it to your maintenance staff. Organize a Fix a Leak Week event in your facility to challenge employees and tenants to find leaks and report water waste.

2. Put up signs in restrooms and pantries to encourage everyone to look for leaks, report problems, and include information on whom they should contact. 

3. Spread the word about saving water to all tenants and cleaning, housekeeping, maintenance, and landscaping staff.

4. Download the EPA’s Fight Leaks and Water Waste in your Facility Checklist to keep track of areas to check for leaks here: Fight Leaks and Water Waste in your Facility Checklist

Water leaks are a serious issue and are not just an environmental concern. They can also lead to increased utility bills and even workplace safety hazards.

Contact us today for more information on how Eddy can prevent water waste and monitor for leaks in your workplace.

Source: EPA – Fix a Leak Week

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