Mitigating Water Damages: A Success Story

Success Stories

Sometimes numbers can tell you a far more compelling story.
Ever since our inception, Eddy has protected numerous properties against water damages. We have prevented potential damages that could have cost thousands of dollars. We continue to help all types of stakeholders, including construction companies, property managers get the best out of their buildings.
In one of our recent deployments, in a span of just 4 days, Eddy helped save more than 60,000 liters of water. That’s almost twice the volume of water in a standard swimming pool. That much amount of water could have caused serious damage to the building, delayed the project, and resulted in a lot of rework.
In this particular project covering more than 28,000 square feet of space in Toronto downtown, Eddy had deployed its intelligent water monitoring system to protect the property during construction (and will be monitored post-occupancy as well). The system covers the main feed, temporary lines, and hoist suites. Occupancy is currently approaching and Eddy has extended protection to the entire building, including amenities such as the pool equipment room, on the zones and main feed, as well as the mechanical penthouse.
H20 sensors were installed ensuite, in common areas and each fan coil unit. Valves and links were installed on the water lines, providing remote shut-off and isolation capabilities of the domestic hot water. They were also installed on the domestic water risers for each unit, protecting risers by monitoring 24 hours for water leaks, temperature, and humidity abnormalities. IQ meters were installed on the heating and cooling water makeup and the cooling tower water makeup.
Eddy’s full system includes a LoRaWAN network within the building which is an ideal solution for high impediment and interference environments such as those inside a multi-unit residential building. This is particularly critical in the riser cavities of each unit, as these are enclosed areas within suites that most wireless technologies would either not be able to penetrate or require dedicated networking infrastructure to do so.
Now to what exactly happened – early this year, on 2 occasions, Eddy IQ detected an unusual flow of water. As the rate of flow increased rapidly, the system triggered an alert and shut off the valve remotely. The water remained off until the issue could be examined and addressed later. On the first occasion, the potential for water loss was close to 30,000 liters and on the second it was close to 32,000 liters. In both cases, a pipe had burst due to the cold weather.
The CACF room had approximately 2 inches of water accumulate on the floor and the underground parking garage had water come through the ceiling lights. They had removed 6 x 45L shop-vacs of water from the CACF room and the pipe was repaired by the plumber. Thanks to the Eddy system, the damage was minimal. This situation identifies a potentially catastrophic issue, which was quickly identified and mitigated with Eddy’s system.
At Eddy, we understand that installing a smart water monitoring system has become less of a choice and more of a necessity for our customers. Hence, we take every effort to help them with water leak detection and water usage monitoring and provide substantial ROI within the first few months of system installation.
About the Author: Parthi Radha

Parthi Radha is a marketing professional and is currently working with Eddy Solutions as an Events & Digital Marketing Specialist.

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