Water Monitoring solutions for Residential Real Estate

Water damage claims from leaks and burst pipes are more common and costly in multi family residential buildings.

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Protect your property with Intelligent water monitoring technology

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Avert Tenant Displacement

In major water issues, tenants/residents are often displaced, causing extreme distress, inconvenience, and cost.

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Avoid Rising Insurance Costs

Due to the massive risks from water, many insurers are raising premiums and/or deductibles, or outright cancelling policies for risky properties.

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Prevent Leaks and Water Damage

Given the inherent risk of residents living on multiple floors, the risk of water damage is amplified. Avoid costly repairs associated with water leaks and damage.

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Manage Water Resources Costs

Our technology provides insights into leaks and water usage, providing the tools to effectively manage one of the most costly and limited resources.

Areas of Protection

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Closed Loop

Automatic shutoff valves on closed loop and boiler systems

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Water, temperature, and humidity readings in domestic distribution risers

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Common Spaces

Sensors and shutoff valves in common spaces, amenities, and mechanical rooms

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Main Feed and PRV Stations

Equipping main and pressure reducing valve(s) stations with automatic and remote shutoff valves in the main and pressure reducing valve(s) stations

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Sensor protection at points of risk (e.g., fan coil units)

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Identified through a behavioral learning period enabled by sensory and flow data at key distribution points

Eddy’s system learns and adjusts through sensory and flow data to automatically identify anomalies and mitigate threats.

Pillars of Protection
Pillars of Protection

IoT and Data Driven Water Management

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Robust Data

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24/7 Monitoring


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Avoidance of displacement

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Insurance discounts (in-suite)

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Reduction of property damage claims

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Avoidance of common fund increases from damages (condos)

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Peace of mind that their home is protected

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Building Owners

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Reduction of overall costs

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Protection and extending life of mechanical equipment

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Protection of finishes

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Reduced environmental damage

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Property Management

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Avoid tenant/resident interruption

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Reduce unanticipated expense - deductibles

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Less tenant disruption

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Quicker emergency response

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Maintain asset value through mitigation

Eddy's Product Suite

Eddy H2O Sensor Front View

Eddy H2O

Water, Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Eddy IQ

Water Meter with Shutoff

Eddy Dashboard

Eddy Dashboard

Management Dashboard

My Eddy App

My Eddy App

Mobile App

Product: Eddy Valve

Eddy Valve

Shutoff Valve (up to 24")

Product: EddyLink

Eddy Link

Valve Controller

Find out how you can protect your property with Eddy