My Eddy Home App

From leak identification all the way to problem resolution, the My Eddy Home App provides an easy to use end-to-end solution.

Our App makes it easy for you to monitor your water usage, track changes, remotely shut off your water, and make informed decisions to help you protect, control, and conserve. For much more detail on our App, please view our My Eddy Home App Walkthrough – an informational manual on how to use your My Eddy Home App.

Water Issues and Alerts

The instant an issue is detected, you will receive an alert.

The App will walk you through the steps to identify the issue, turn your water off, and even dispatch a plumber.


The Usage tab shows your minute-by-minute, daily, and monthly usage, providing you with valuable insights into your family’s consumption.

Challenge Yourself!

Ready to gamify your water consumption?

Receive weekly and monthly challenges with conservation tips to help you save both water and money. Prizes are awarded to customers who complete special challenges, and conserve significant amounts of water.