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Announcing the launch of our updated app, with enhanced features and a new look!
At Eddy, we are committed to protecting your home from water damage. Our tools help all types of homes and properties identify issues, monitor usage, and take corrective action. Our team of experts is revolutionizing risk management in buildings and homes, with comprehensive award-winning technology that provides real-time data and enables shutoff when necessary.
Eddy’s intelligent water monitoring solution proactively measures your entire home’s water usage and conditions, collecting data and analyzing patterns so that the moment an issue is detected, you’re notified.
While the Eddy support team works 24/7 to manage risk, we also place the power in your hands. The My Eddy App lets you review your home’s water usage on your smartphone, so you can have a full view of how much and when you are using water. You can track how your usage compares with the previous day, week, and month, and the cost of the water you have used.
The My Eddy App has been relaunched with a refreshed look and feel. The app is easier to navigate and has improved graphics which is easier to understand. We have also made it easy to find the Snooze feature. And that’s not all, the new app also follows the global WCAG standards, as it is our goal at Eddy to offer the very best in accessibility. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines or WCAG, is an ISO-approved, global standard that provides accessibility to all our customers.

With the My Eddy App, you not only get alerted as soon as an issue is detected but you will also get walked through the steps to identify the issue, turn your water off, and even dispatch a plumber. The valuable insights provided by the app will help you manage water consumption and conserve water.
This is not only in line with our mission to protect property and empower people with data and control but also helps us to provide our clients the tools to meet their goals of conserving water.
About the Author: Parthi Radha

Parthi Radha is a marketing professional and is currently working with Eddy Solutions as an Events & Digital Marketing Specialist.

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