Comprehensive Water Protection

You Are Protected With Intelligent Leak Detection.

You may not realize that water is the biggest risk to your condo.

Residents face risk from not just their own unit,
but those of their neighbours and common areas.

Real Protection

Even a minor water issue can cause significant damage and disrupt your life while repairs are made.

Real Value

Comprehensive coverage for your entire building.

Pemberton has partnered with Eddy Solutions to completely protect your condo and building with Intelligent Water Monitoring, providing proactive protection to prevent water damage. The system includes sensor and shutoff protection in your suite near water sources, on the water main, in the risers, pressure reducing valve stations, boiler room, and in common areas so that when a water issue is detected, it will be immediately mitigated to protect you and your belongings. The Eddy system includes a dashboard, which gives your Property Manager insights into the water situation of the building at all times.
The Property Manager will alert you if an issue is detected.



Worry-free protection with Eddy.

Eddy is your first line of defense protecting you and your neighbours from devastating and disruptive water damage. Eddy’s H2O Sensors are placed in high risk areas – near toilets, sinks, washing machines, dishwashers, fridges, and heat exchanges. When water is detected, an alert will be sent to both you and property management, so that action can be taken.