Eddy in Action:

Newly Built Condominium Building

Eddy’s system was installed in a two-building, 200-unit, ten-floor condominium project. Eddy’s Intelligent Leak Protection system provided protection both during construction and post-occupancy.

From Construction to Occupany
Initially, during the construction phase, the system was installed on the main feed, temporary lines, and in the hoist suites. As occupancy approached, Eddy extended our protection to the entire building, including in-suite, in common areas and amenities such as the pool equipment room, on the zones and main feed, as well as the mechanical penthouse.

The Solution

Eddy H2O sensors were placed in all residential units, in common areas, and in the riser stacks, monitoring and protecting high risk areas.

Eddy IQs were installed in various areas to detect abnormal usages and providing shutoff capabilities.

Our Links and accompanying Valves were installed on the water lines and in the zones, providing remote shut off and isolation capabilities of the domestic hot water.

Eddy’s full system includes a LoRaWAN network within the building, providing an ideal communications platform.

Our Solution Works

Within six months of installation, our system detected 47 separate water events.

Water Damage Mitigation

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