Advantages of intelligent
leak detection for

Learn how IoT-enabled technology can help you mitigate water damage in real-time and deliver peace of mind

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Get peace of mind from water damage risks

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Prevent Leaks and Water Damage

Given the inherent risk of residents living on multiple floors, the risk of water damage is amplified. Avoid costly repairs associated with water leaks and damage.

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Avoid Rising Insurance Costs

Due to the massive risks from water, many insurers are raising premiums and/or deductibles, or outright cancelling policies for risky properties.

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Avert Tenant Displacement

In major water issues, tenants/residents are often displaced, causing extreme distress, inconvenience, and cost.

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Manage Water Resources Costs

Our technology provides insights into leaks and water usage, providing the tools to effectively manage one of the most costly and limited resources.

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