Complete Leak Protection for Retail and QSRs

Water damage can affect every stakeholder – management and staff, customers, owners and insurers. Even a minor water leak can cause substantial costs.

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Eddy Solutions provides protection from leaks and floods, enabled through real-time data, monitoring and action, enabling business owners to save money, time, and avoid business interruption.

Custom Data to Suit Your Needs - Retail
Custom Data to Suit Your Needs

Figure 1: The graph on the left illustrates the learning period for water usage for a storefront (blue indicates water usage), and the graph on the right illustrates the learning period for a coffee shop.

Custom Data to Suit Your Needs

In retail and commercial settings, individual and aggregate data is imperative in understanding over-usage and opportunities for efficiencies. Some of the biggest water losses occur in appliance failures, particularly in retail locations that use water at a higher frequency than other locations (a 24-hour coffee shop vs. a hardware store, for example). Eddy’s system will identify the time and the type of water flow, as noted in the graphs to the left.

Water usage can vary greatly based on the retail application. Understanding overall patterns and providing this data to retail management helps reduce overall water consumption/costs.


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Greater Insight into water consumption

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Reduction in cost related to flooding

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Reduction of water consumption

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Improved sustainability

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Minimized disruption to the customer

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Risk reduction for insurers

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Reduce unanticipated expense - deductibles

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Reduction in downtime

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Quicker emergency response

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Maintain asset value through mitigation

Eddy’s system learns and adjusts through sensory and flow data to automatically identify anomalies and divert threats.

Pillars of Protection
Pillars of Protection

IoT and Data Driven Water Management

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