Success Stories

Eddy in Action:

Toronto Multi-Family Building

In September of 2017, Eddy commenced with the installation of a custom Water Monitoring Solution for a 300-unit residential building in Toronto, Ontario. The building had two major water damage incidents in the past, with the most recent costing more than $5 million in damages and summarily displacing over 50 families.


Water Damage Mitigation

Eddy’s H2O water sensors, proprietary technology, and 24/7 monitoring and support was selected to provide real-time leak detection allowing for prompt investigation and mitigation of future leak events.

The Solution

1,800+ Eddy H2O sensors were placed in common areas and in ~ 300 residential units

Residential units were equipped with sensors in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and heat exchangers

Through consultation and collaboration with the building’s Property Management, sensors were placed in optimal locations across both units and common areas to ensure maximum coverage

Our Solution Works

In less than 60 days, Eddy’s technology identified

  • A lobby toilet overflowing
  • 4 occurrences in which washing machine were leaking/splashing
  • 2 alerts initiated due to frozen heat exchanges
  • 2 occurrences of dishwasher overflowing (user driven)
  • 7+ heat exchanges that required draining
  • A leaking valve in the boiler room

In all instances, the Property Manager was alerted to the issues, prompting actions that mitigated damage.

Left unchecked and unmonitored, the damages and costs would have been significant.