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Prominent Condominium Building - Queen's Park, Toronto

Eddy’s sensor system was installed in the riser stacks as well as common and mechanical areas of a prominent apartment building near Queen’s Park, Toronto.

Overcoming impediments and interference is particularly critical when installing sensors in the interiors of a multi-residential building which is a high impediment and interference environment. We used LoRaWAN (short for Long Range Wide Area Network) which is a low power, extremely low bandwidth radio network technology to connect our sensors within the building.

The system detected 32 leaks of which 6 were classified as major incidences. The building operators avoided significant potential damage by having access to sensory data in the risers, mechanical and common areas. They also got an insight into how contractors, residents, and visitors interact with the built environment and as a result of alerts, established new best practices to avoid these incidents and future risks associated with human interaction.

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