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Upscale Condominium Construction Project - Toronto Downtown

Success Story: Upscale Condominium Construction Project - Toronto Downtown

Protection against water damages during construction is a major goal for many of our partners in the construction space. On an upscale condominium project of one of our partners, Eddy’s systems helped detect a leak almost instantaneously and prevented a major loss due to water damages.

In one incident, the Eddy IQ detected an unusual flow of water which began to rapidly rise from 11.9 liters/minute to 41 liters/minute. The system triggered a valve shutoff within 10 minutes from the time the unusual flow was detected.

The next day, it was found that the cause of the leak was a burst pipe. The CACF room had approximately 2 inches of water accumulate on the floor and the underground parking garage had water come through the ceiling lights. They had removed 6 x 45L shop-vacs of water from the CACF room and the pipe was repaired by the plumber.

A similar incident occurred a couple of days later. The IQ meter detected an extreme continuous flow alert, and the valve was immediately closed as a result. It was determined that a pipe had frozen in the breezeway, and later burst, causing significant leaking.

On both occasions, the incidents happened after hours, which meant that the leak would have continued till the next morning. The water loss from these leaks would have been substantial and is estimated to be around 60,000 liters.

Thanks to Eddy, the water loss, as well as the potential cost of major water damage, was avoided.

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