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Announcing the launch of our updated app, with enhanced features and a new look! At Eddy, we are committed to protecting your home from water damage. Our tools help all types of homes and properties identify issues, monitor usage, and take corrective action. Our team of experts is revolutionizing risk management in buildings and homes, […]

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Smart Buildings and Smart Homes

Investing in Smart Buildings – The Living, Breathing Structures

While state and city governments are striving to invest in IoT and smart city technology that deliver energy efficiency, smarter governing solutions, and convenience to their citizens, who else can contribute and how? During Eddy’s IoT PropTech Summit 2020, a panelist remarked that smart construction leads to smart buildings and smart buildings to lead to

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Smart Buildings - Prevent water damage

Stay Ahead, Stay Smart!

Whether you live in a condo or a single-family home, the potential for water damage is real and the issue is a serious one. According to TD insurance, 40% of insurance claims[i] are due to water damage. In addition to significant damage and repairs, water leaks often result in higher water utility bills[ii], as accumulated

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The Art of Smart – Smart Cities in the Post-Covid 19 World

Smart technologies will be an integral part of the cities of the future to make a city more efficient in terms of energy consumption, improved productivity, and reduced cost of operations. Covid-19, however, has added one other anticipated outcome to the list of benefits smart technologies can offer – resilience and quick response during critical

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