Toronto’s drinking water comes from Lake Ontario. True or False?


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This week we asked: “Toronto’s drinking water comes from Lake Ontario. True or False?”. It turns out that the answer is True!
The drinking water in Toronto does, in fact, comes from Lake Ontario (SOURCE). This is accomplished through pipes of up to 5 kilometers delivering water from the shores of Lake Ontario to one of Toronto’s four water treatment plants. This process can provide 950 million liters of water in just one day. only one day (SOURCE). Have you ever asked yourself whether it’s safe to drink the tap water in Toronto? You’re not alone – there are still many people skeptical about its quality, despite the fact that Toronto’s water has won awards in the past (SOURCE).
Naturally, the water pulled from Lake Ontario must go through a required testing and filtration process before reaching your taps. According to Chloe Cross, drinking water samples are tested every 4 hours to confirm that the water is bacteria-free. In addition to the water filtration process, Toronto also launched the “Priority Lead Water Service Replacement Program” to reduce the levels of lead exposure (SOURCE). This program is optional and promises that the city will take care of replacing the lead pipes on their side of the property line for homeowners replacing their pipes first. Of course, the homeowners must pay for their pipe replacement, which slows the process.
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