What does Eddy’s 24/7 monitoring centre do?


Imagine a typical workday in your office building suddenly interrupted by a water leak. These incidents are not merely inconveniences; they can lead to significant operational and financial setbacks. Perhaps your building is equipped with smart sensors capable of detecting leaks. However, the on-site property management personnel, being new and overwhelmed with other responsibilities, might overlook or not prioritize this alert. In scenarios like these, such alerts often go ignored or unactioned, exacerbating the problem. This is precisely where Eddy’s 24/7 real-time water leak monitoring centre becomes indispensable. By promptly acting on detected leaks, notifying the appropriate personnel, and facilitating swift response coordination, the centre plays a crucial role in averting what could escalate into a disastrous situation.

At the core of Eddy’s approach is a blend of advanced technology and expert, human monitoring. The centre isn’t just a hub for problem detection; it’s a resource for actionable solutions. With sophisticated AI and sensor technology, Eddy’s system doesn’t just alert you to a problem; it provides insights and recommendations on how to address it effectively.

Strategically located in Toronto, ON, the monitoring centre is a beacon of efficiency. It’s more than just a call centre; it’s a nexus where technology meets expertise. The staff, trained in both technical and emergency response aspects, are well-prepared for a range of scenarios, ensuring they can handle whatever challenges come their way.

Why is such a centre essential? In today’s world, property protection is a multifaceted challenge that goes beyond having smart sensors inside a building. Eddy Solutions recognized this early on and developed its centre to supplement real-time water leak monitoring by itsIoT devices. This approach doesn’t just enhance safety; it actively reduces risks, setting a new standard in smart water management for a property by facilitating fast interventions minimizing damage and maintaining the safety and comfort of residents.

Eddy’s mobile app and cloud dashboard extend beyond mere convenience; they empower clients with direct monitoring capabilities. While these tools themselves offer significant value in enabling clients to oversee their properties, it’s their integration with the centre’s vigilant oversight that truly enhances the system’s effectiveness. This synergy between the app, dashboard, and the monitoring centre forms a comprehensive protective umbrella for the property against water damage. This not only safeguards the asset but also facilitates more efficient and informed property management.

When an incident occurs, the monitoring centre acts swiftly. By contacting the designated points of contact for each property and providing specific, actionable advice, the centre ensures that every emergency is promptly and effectively addressed. This multi-contact approach guarantees that no incident goes unnoticed.

The centre’s continuous monitoring can lead to better property management, identifying inefficiencies in their plumbing systems and suggesting improvements. This can reduce operational costs and potentially increase the property’s market value.

Real-time water leak monitoring

Eddy’s centre provides invaluable insights into property health and maintenance. Understanding the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of maintenance issues allows for informed decisions, better scheduling, and pre-emptive actions, all contributing to the longevity and upkeep of the property. Include how data collected can be used to inform maintenance schedules or identify potential issues before they escalate.

“Just last week, we helped a client avert a major issue after a water pipe burst on level 28 of the building. Early detection through our systems meant they could contain the leak and address it before it escalated, saving time and money.” 

Agnes, Customer Service – Team Leader.

Adopting a comprehensive monitoring approach like Eddy’s can have a positive ripple effect on insurance rates. Properties under continuous surveillance and proactive management often present a lower risk profile, potentially leading to more favourable insurance terms.

The centre’s multilingual support is another feature that ensures that language barriers don’t hinder effective communication in critical situations.

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