What’s Your Eddy IQ? : A dripping faucet helps the pipes from freezing – True or False?


Welcome back to ‘What’s Your Eddy IQ?’ This week we asked: A dripping faucet helps the pipes from freezing – True or False?
The answer is … True.
Most of us know the winter drill: run the faucet to protect the pipes. While seemingly obvious to many, taking this preventive step can really save the home owners expensive water damage costs.
Prevention is better than costly repairs
As in any situation, there are right and wrong ways of running the faucet to help your pipes from freezing. Let’s take a look at the basic do’s and don’ts you can follow to keep your pipes from turning frigid nights into inconvenient, and expensive ordeals:

  • Allow a slow drip to reduce pressure. It doesn’t matter how fast the drip is, the slower the drip, the less water wasted.
  • It is crucial to run hot and cold water on multiple faucets. Also, let warm water drip overnight, preferably from a faucet on an outside wall.
  • Don’t neglect to run the faucets in colder and more vulnerable areas of the home.
  • Don’t turn off the faucet even if the dripping stops. Ensure to keep your faucet turned on overnight regularly, as a safeguard measure.

Quick tips on how to winter- proof your home
Make sure to drip your faucets regularly this winter! For further information on frozen pipes and their devastating consequences, take a look at our most recent blog post, “Avoiding Frozen Pipes this Cold Season – Are You at Risk?” .

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