Welcome back to ‘What’s Your Eddy IQ?’ This week we asked: Homes located in downstream and low-lying areas are particularly exposed to overland flooding – True or False?
The answer is… True.
 As mentioned in our earlier blog post, floods and water damage may seem a distant and obscure concept to many Canadians. In reality, it affects many Canadian households each year. So, what is overland flooding and how does it impact you? To put it simply, overland flooding is when a large amount of water runs over typically dry land from an outside source unexpectedly. Overland flooding can be an expensive, stressful ordeal for both tenants and landlords, due to their potential to cause massive water damage.
So, what causes overland flooding?
The two main causes of overland flooding are snowmelt and rainstorms. So, you don’t have to live close to a creek, river or lake to be at risk of overland flooding. That said, homes located in downstream and low-lying areas are particularly exposed to overland flooding risk. In addition, sewer back-up and overland water work in conjunction with one another. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your sewer grates are open and clear away debris like dirt and leaves.
#GetSmart as a preventative measure …
Nearly every homeowner should be worried about overland flooding and should act swiftly to hedge against flood-related risks.  A smart preventive measure to alert you of overland flooding would be to install an IoT water detection system like the Eddy H20 Sensors. These sensors communicate wirelessly 24/7, keeping you posted of any unusual water activity within the home and notifying you via text, email, or through our My Eddy Home App to enable you to take action and mitigate potential water damage caused by overland flooding.

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