What’s Your Eddy IQ – Water Use Compared with 10 Year Ago


Our weekly ‘What’s Your Eddy IQ” Facebook game challenges our followers to water related questions to test their knowledge on all things water!
This week, we asked: “True or False? Canadian’s are using more water now than 10 years ago.”
It’s tougher than it looks! The answer is: False. That’s great news for us and for the environment. While it may be hard to believe, Canadians have made some positive changes that has reduced our overall water consumption.
The reduction in our overall water consumption is likely a lot to do with technology – low flow appliances and leak detection systems (such as Eddy!) which has helped reduce our usage by nearly 30% since 1991. To read more, take a look at the Government of Canada’s article here.
So, great news Canada! While we’re still among the world’s worst water wasters, recent history has shown that we’re on the right track!
About Eddy Home
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