What’s Your Eddy IQ? Canadians and Wasting Water


We love our weekly ‘What’s Your Eddy IQ?’ game! This week, we asked our Facebook followers: True or False? Canadians are the biggest water wasters in the world.
It’s a tough one to ask. Canadians are typically good global citizens. Very concerned about the environment, and, of course, very polite. But are we water wasters?
Yes. We are big water wasters. Yet, not the world’s biggest water wasters (that would be our neighbours to the south, the US.). However, on average and per capita, Canadians are the second biggest water wasters in the world.
Not something we’ll be proud to hear. Water is abundant in Canada. We boast of some of the freshest water in the world and we enjoy beautiful, pristine lakes and ponds as well as a plentiful supply of regular rain water. Unfortunately, abundance can lead to waste, and Canadians tend to waste a lot of water.
While this week’s answer is False – we’re not the largest but the second largest, let’s remember that water is a precious resource, and one that we must protect. Conservation is very important, and we should all do our part not to waste.
Thanks for playing along on What’s Your Eddy IQ? Tune in next Thursday to play again!
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