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This week we asked: “True or False? Water consumption during July and August is nearly double the consumption during the winter season”. It turns out that the answer is True!
Summer’s rising temperatures often coincide with rising water use because of higher water demand. In summer, we begin to water lawns, landscapes, and flowers more often than the rest of the year. Moreover, indoor water use also sees an increase although you may not realize it. During the warm summer months, students may be home for summer vacation, plus the weather gets hotter, which often means an increase in drinking water consumption (SOURCE). Also, households tend to see an increase in the number of showers and laundry cycles over the same period.
According to Monte Staats, the average water consumption in July and August is almost double that of winter months (SOURCE). This can be explained by the correlative relationship between temperature and water consumption. Even 1-degree Celsius can lead to approximately 34 liters per capita per day of additional water use (SOURCE).
Due to the excess of water use during this time, conservation measures become critical to maintaining the sustainability of our water supply. There are any number of ways you can save water, especially during the summer months, but focusing on building simple, but positive consumption habits both inside and outside the home is the key to making a big impact. Here are some quick and easy tips to get you started: Rinse dishes in a sink full of water, plug the sink instead of running the water to rinse your razor, put mulch around your plants to help the soil retain water, make sure that you fully load your dishwasher before starting it, wash your fruits and vegetables in a small pan instead of under running water, be sure to test your toilet for leaks at least once a year, and check your faucets or leaks, and make sure that all faucets are properly shut off after use.
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