‘What’s Your Eddy IQ?’ Which country has the cleanest tap water?


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This week we asked: Switzerland has the cleanest tap water. True or False? And the answer is True!
Some people insist that tap water is riskier than bottled water. Contradictory to popular belief, the results of a new study conducted by a Swiss doctors group indicate that it’s safer to drink water out of the tap since it’s purer, rich in minerals and more environmental (SOURCE). The study tested 10 brands of bottled water totally, and one out of two brands were contaminated.
Bottled water is found having more potentially risky chemicals in them than tap water. What is more surprising is that the quality of water in glass bottles seems to be the worst as residues can remain after the recycling and cleaning process for reusing purposes.
The country with the best tap water:
The wealth of water in Switzerland helps it gain the title of the “water tower of Europe”, occupying approximately six percent of freshwater resources for the continent (SOURCE). 80 percent of drinking water originates from ground water, and natural springs. The rest comes from treated lake water. The tap water has the same quality as that in bottles, but its cost is approximately five hundred times cheaper than the bottled water (SOURCE). Although bottled water is also available in Switzerland, it’s not considered as superior as tap water.

As compared to other countries, Switzerland is acknowledged as a country that has the cleanest tap water in the world, particularly the city of Bern (SOURCE). The country meets three standards to qualify for that title, compromising the quality of tap water source, tap water treatment, and its distribution network (SOURCE). With the high quality of raw water, only 2 percent of the annual rainfall needs to be purified to be drinkable. Also, thanks to the country’s wastewater treatment plants, strict regulation governing industry, for example, forbidding factories or industrial plants located on the river’s bank or near any lake or river, with no second thoughts, people can even drink straight out the lake in some places.
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