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Protecting Your Property Takes More Than Just Hardware

At Eddy, we go beyond just providing hardware for leak detection. Our holistic approach includes continuous monitoring, best-in-class technology, and dedicated support. We make sure your property is protected from water damage.

Eddy is Trusted by the Best Developers and Operators in North America

Our clients continue to deploy our solutions for new projects.

Your property needs reliable leak protection

Unlike the alternatives, Eddy is built to help our customers all along the way. We’re the only Leak Protection company that has 24/7 live monitoring center – which means no alerts go unnoticed. We continue working with our clients to ensure they get the best out of their system even long after purchase. 


Simple and Powerful Leak Protection Options

Our deep technical understanding of building operations allows us to offer dynamic system designs, simplifying the decision-making process for our clients.

Building Protection

A base system design with set off valves, building network, and sensors throughout the property.

Unit Protection

Additional sensors within the suite placed next to at risk fixtures & appliances.

Smart Metering

Smart meters for consumption billing data with leak detection algorithms to prevent leaks.

Construction Protection

Protection during the course of construction to derisk construction sites and support better insurance.

“As the value of the water damage claim increases, so does the mitigation effectiveness in reducing loss amounts by utilizing water protection systems.”


With our dedicated monitoring center to assist you 24/7, ensures no alert goes unnoticed and incidents are resolved quickly.

Save Up to 33% More on Insurance Costs

Our advanced system design can lead to significant premium savings, making Eddy Solutions a cost-effective choice compared to competitor products.


Eddy Solutions has extensive experience in protecting high-value, commercial, and high-rise assets, making us a trusted partner in leak protection for any kind of building and any stage of development. 

Site Superintendent
Wawanesa Tower, Winnipeg, MB

“I’ve been building for 25 years and we always have wet drywall. On this job, we didn’t get one piece of drywall wet.”

Getting started is easy

Consult with an Eddy expert today to receive a system recommendation tailored for your consideration.


Eddy Solutions provides a complete range of technologies designed to holistically protect buildings, ensuring comprehensive safety and security. Our system monitors water in your building around the clock, with automated alerts.


Our system uses advanced sensors and smart water meters to monitor water in your building 24/7, with automated alerts and support from our dedicated center.

Clients typically see up to 33% greater premium savings compared to competitor products.

Our streamlined system designs make installation straightforward. Choose from tiered options that best suit your property needs.

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