Water is the new fire

Billions are lost each
year due to:

Insurance deductibles and rising premiums as a result of claims


Leaks, water damage, and costly repairs


Business interruption (closed businesses during repair)


Water wastage / lost resources

Water Damage is the number one risk to a building.

of total insurance claim costs
0 %
spent annually in North America
average commercial claim
$ 5000

Eddy offers a full-service water management technology that includes water leak detection, asset protection, and water conservation to address this issue.

Why invest in Eddy

  • A holistic, fully developed solutions suitable for properties of all types.
  • Explosive demand and growing number of partnerships.
  • One-time and recurring revenue streams from multiple segments.
  • We provide efficiency and drive profitability to our partners through expedited scheduling, lack of delays, and reduction in insurance claims.
Eddy H2O Sensor Front View

Eddy H2O

Water, Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Eddy IQ

Water Meter with Shutoff

Eddy Dashboard

Eddy Dashboard

Management Dashboard

My Eddy App

My Eddy App

Mobile App

Product: Eddy Valve

Eddy Valve

Shutoff Valve (up to 24")

Product: EddyLink

Eddy Link

Valve Controller

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