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Eddy Win of the Week

Image of 9th & Main in Downtown Stouffville, Ontario, built by Pemberton Group.

9th and Main Condos are a new pre-construction condo project by Pemberton Group located in the heart of downtown Stouffville.

With urban townhouses, modern condo suites, and luxury penthouses, this boutique mid-rise building offers contemporary elegance and stunning views of conservation land. Residents can host celebrations in the elegant party room with a bar and catering kitchen or enjoy the beautifully landscaped terrace with a barbecue station.

The building is conveniently located near public transit, shopping, and supermarkets, with a short drive to nearby Markham-Stouffville Hospital. With fast and easy connections to Downtown Toronto via Highway 404 and Highway 48, life at 9th and Main is both convenient and rich, with shopping, dining, parks, cafes, and shops at your doorstep.

This week, Eddy’s water management technology demonstrated its value in real-time at 9th & Main. A heat exchange in one of the units had blown out, causing a leak that threatened to cause significant damage to other units.

At Eddy, our sensors play a crucial role in providing real-time data to our 24/7 monitoring centre. These sensors are placed strategically in different parts of the building to monitor water usage, detect leaks and other anomalies, and provide an accurate picture of the building’s water consumption.

The data collected by these sensors is transmitted to our monitoring centre, where it is analyzed and used to help building owners and managers make informed decisions about water usage and to identify areas where water consumption can be reduced.

In the recent case of a heat exchange blowout and leak in one of the units, our sensors alerted our monitoring centre, allowing for swift action. As a result, the property management team confirmed the issue and took quick action to minimize potential damages, saving time and money.

Eddy’s intelligent water management solutions are designed to give property owners and managers the information they need to make informed decisions about their properties. With real-time data and early warning systems in place, our technology offers property owners and managers the protection to minimize the risks posed by water damage and other related issues.

This week’s win is just one example of how Eddy’s technology can help property owners and managers protect their assets and ensure the safety and comfort of their residents. With our real-time monitoring and detection capabilities, you can be confident that your property is protected and that you will be informed of any issues as soon as they occur.

Protect your property with our intelligent water management system and water protection as a service.

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