Win of the Week – PJ Condos


Developed by Pinnacle International, PJ Condos is located at 99 John Street and in the heart of Toronto’s Harbourfront & Entertainment District. Located steps to the Underground PATH, the Financial District and some of the city’s finest restaurants, lounges & theatres on King Street West, PJ condos are the epitome of downtown living.

Our sensors at PJ Condos recently detected a high-pressure alert overnight that exceeded the 55 PSI threshold at the domestic zone. The standard hot water pressure was set to 40 PSI and ranges typically from 40-50, but it had begun to spike to 55 PSI for two nights. The top-end pressure had been slowly increasing over time and would require regular service to ensure its normal operation.

Eddy’s system recommended having the base building service provider inspect and service the PRVs to ensure they were operating normally and to prevent stress on the piping systems downstream of the PRV station in zone 4. If this failure had gone undetected, the monthly wasted water cost from pipe and fixture raptures would have exceeded thousands of dollars.

Protect your property with our intelligent water management system and water protection as a service.

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