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The Florian at 88 Davenport Road, built by Diamante Developments, is one of Toronto’s most luxurious buildings, boasting 100 spacious and beautifully designed suites by Brian Gluckstein

Homeowners at The Florian have access to various amenities, including a large indoor swimming pool, a party room, common rooftop areas, a gym, a meeting room, guest suites, visitor parking, a concierge, and a games room. Moreover, residents can join the building’s exclusive wine club, granting them access to a wine cellar and tasting room to store their private collections or host private events.

One of the suites in The Florian recently experienced a water leak event that could have caused significant water damage if left unnoticed. However, thanks to Eddy Solutions’ intelligent water management and leak detection system, the problem was immediately detected and mitigated.

The Eddy Solutions system installed in The Florian at 88 Davenport Road is designed to help property managers prevent water damage by detecting leaks immediately. The system works by placing sensors throughout the building, detecting even small amounts of water and quickly sending an alert to the building manager or property management dashboard.

In this case, Eddy Solutions’ sensors detected a water leak event in one of the suites. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the water leak was caused by a faucet that was accidentally left running in a unit above. As a result, water travelled through the walls and into the unit below. Eddy’s sensors immediately detected the water and shut off the water supply to the affected unit, preventing further damage.

This incident demonstrates the importance of having a reliable water management system to prevent water damage in buildings, especially in luxurious buildings like The Florian. Fortunately, thanks to Eddy Solutions’ system, The Florian was able to avoid water damage and protect its residents’ homes.

Eddy Solutions is committed to providing intelligent water management solutions designed to prevent water damage and save money for building owners and property managers. 

If you want to learn more about our intelligent water management and water leak detection system, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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