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Eddy has proven to be an essential service for buildings under construction. Join us as a construction partner and transform your projects with leak protection solutions.

Our Construction Partners

Protect your CONSTRUCTION site from Water Leaks

24/7 Monitoring

Eddy monitors water on your construction site around the clock. With automated alerts and a dedicated center to assist our clients, we ensure that any alerts are promptly actioned. Catch potential issues before they escalate and keep your project on track.

Remote & Automatic Shutoff

Automatically shut off water to stop leaks and prevent further damage. Our remote and automatic shutoff capabilities allow you to quickly respond to any water-related issues, minimizing the impact on your construction site and preventing costly repairs.

Leak Detection

Catch leaks early to prevent costly water damage with sensors monitoring at-risk areas of your site. Eddy’s cutting-edge technology detects even the smallest leaks, ensuring they are addressed before causing significant damage.


“The PCL Tanu quote.”


Water damage can lead to significant delays and costly rework on construction projects. By implementing Eddy, you can avoid these disruptions. Our system ensures that any leaks are detected and resolved quickly, keeping your project on schedule and within budget.


Insurance companies recognize the value of Eddy's advanced leak detection and prevention systems, resulting in lower premiums. Reduce your insurance costs with proactive risk management on your construction site.


Eddy Solutions provides 24/7 monitoring, remote and automatic shutoff capabilities, and advanced leak detection to catch and address leaks early, preventing costly water damage and ensuring the integrity of the construction site.
Yes, Eddy Solutions is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure on construction sites. Our technology requires minimal installation effort and works alongside your current systems to enhance water management.
By preventing water damage, avoiding project delays, and reducing insurance costs, Eddy Solutions helps construction companies save money and protect their investments, ultimately leading to more successful and profitable projects.

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